ABOUT US / 集团简介





  • ecological environment - Strive to Create High Quality Life Areas
    生态环境 —— 努力营造高质量生活领域
  • Characteristic town - Pursuing the High Quality of Life and Creating a Perfect Life
    特色小镇 —— 追求生活的高品质,缔造完美的人生
  • Field and Garden Complex - Quality service comes from the progress of the little by littleContinuously improve service quality and create a green and harmonious home
    田园综合体 —— 优质的服务源于点滴的进步不断提高服务质量,创建绿色和谐家园
  • International Education - New knowledge changes life, high technology wins the futureDo not abandon, do not give up
    国际教育 —— 新知改变生活,技高赢得未来不抛弃,不放弃
  • Ecological agriculture - Green food healthy and pollution-freeHappy quality of life
    生态农业 —— 绿色食品健康无公害幸福品质生活
  • Big Health - Pay attention to health and exercise moreReturn your healthy body
    大健康 —— 注重养生,多运动还你健康的身体
  • Intelligent Equipment - Intelligent and efficient
    智能装备 —— 智能高效
  • Innovative Technology Park - Technology Innovation Base Industrial ComplexXinxing Technology Park (formerly Xinhui Lighting Electric Industry Research Base)Is developed independently by Zhongshan Xinhui Lighting Co.It has been officially included in the pilot industrial real estate project of Zhongshan City Commodity Factory
    创新科技园 —— 科技创新基地产业综合体信兴科技园(原信汇照明电产研基地)是由中山市信汇照明有限公司自主开发已正式纳入中山市商品厂房试点的工业地产项目
  • Supply Chain Finance - Working together to build a better future
    供应链金融 —— 携手共建美好未来
  • Technology Innovation Development Development / Management / Operations - for intelligent equipment next, investing in advanced equipment thatfirst to open up the factory, contract with professional managers, toachieve profitability, expand reinvestment, andRealize large-scale investment/large shareholding in the field of science and technology
    科技创新开发 发展/管理/运营 —— 为智能装备下一步,投资先进设备,先把厂开起来,承包与职业经理人,实现盈利,扩大再投资,实现科技领域大规模投资/大比例持股